Enchanted Forest: A Summer Morning

The burdens of a complicated world fall off my shoulders the minute I walk into the Enchanted Forest. Years ago, my first hike here it felt like home. I've never been able to explain it and never felt compelled to. Such a strong feeling of love for this place. When life comes grey, here I find color. When the world feels cold, here I find warmth. When my head has too many questions, here I find answers. When so many things seems heartless In here, I find mine...

Sedona Summer

In search of the monsoon skies in and around Sedona. Classic Cathedral rock...

Secret Sandstone

One of my favorite places to photograph in Arizona, along Oak Creek


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Mitten Shadow

This occurs only twice a year when the conditions are just prefect. The West Mitten will cast an almost perfect reverse image on the East Mitten. I was lucky enough to catch this the day BEFORE because on the REAL day...storm clouds cancelled the shadow

Canyon Wave

Thousands of years of water erosion gives way to this beautiful canyon wave in Northern Arizona.

Somewhere Along Oak Creek

Shooting a secret location with Derek von Briesen in Sedona. My 5D Mark II ( Derek's old camera) which is now my camera was having some cosmetic work done) so shooting with the Rebel today.

Find Your Light

“When you get to the end of all the light you know and it's time to step into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing that one of two things shall happen: either you will be given something solid to stand on, or you will be taught how to fly.” ― Edward TellerEntering the Narrows of Zion

Falling Colorado

My heart these past weeks has been residing in another season. Another time and place of wispy leave-strewn back roads. Small town coffee cottages with fresh baked pumpkin bread, still warm. Sleepy bluff towns, laundry on lines and dogs in doghouses. I peer into a lifestyle I know little and wonder what it's like at their dinner table. Soon, it will be time to be on these roads again, so the mind wanders to where the heart now lives.

Creekside Color

Hiking and shooting in and around Oak Creek in Sedona is always a favorite. The creeks proximity to the red canyon walls when the sun is just right is great recipe for some amazing reflections. With Derek von Briesen

The Boys Of Summer

As I was leaving the Narrows hike in Zion National Park, this beautiful canyon light caught my eye. Even though I was tired, wet, sandy and my feet had taken a beating, I had to photograph this. I dropped my gear and set up my camera and tripod. As soon as I started to shoot, I noticed I had company. Rounding the corner, came a large group of very young boy scouts. At first they didn't see me but then a few noticed I was set up and pointing my camera in their direction. Of course they all started "falling" in the water. As they passed by me, they would impishly ask "Did you get a picture of me falling?" Soon, my little pool of perfect light looks like something out of a Three Stooges movie. Finally, several of the troop leader "dads" pulled the jokesters out of my line of fire and apologized. I didn't mind at all. I found the whole scene incredibly amusing. From a sociological stand point, there was a lot going on! All of this, because some girl was armed with a camera. (Won't be the first time they'll make fools of themselves in front of the opposite sex) The water is now calm and the beautiful glow of the canyon wall is perfect and casting it's magic on the Virgin River. It appears isolated and harmonious. All is right with the world. What is missing from the photograph is the little group of 30 or so little men now standing behind me. After I finished, they all walked up and looked at the final shot, then carried on with their hike, as men do.

Somewhere in Zion

The Narrows

Heaven on Earth is called Zion

Canyon Light

What I really loved about hiking the Narrows, aside from just being able to spend hours here alone, was the lighting. The canyon walls are so high that there is almost no direct light. It's diffuse, bouncing and reflecting all the beautiful colors of the canyon walls, especially early in the morning. The play of light among the little pools of water were exquisite. I plan to return soon and explore Orderville canyon next

Monument Monsoons

Some places are repleat with magic and mystery. The air looms of spirit and reverent land. This was my experience in Monument Valley. One of the most spectacular places I've ever seen. I went back 3 times to catch the monsoon season with it's drama splashing all over the skies. Driving thru the desert on my way home is always one of the most peaceful experiences. Windows down, warm desert wind to make my hair dance, listening to the music that becomes the background music to a wonderful life. It's this time on the road that brings about a quiet level self-reflection that can be extremely self-affirming, its one of my favorite parts about exploring.

So I Wander

Warm Sandy Passages

Warm sandy passages, swirling pools of turquoise that play under ancient sandstone towers. Every turn becomes a different world, every bend a different time and place and when you walk out..you're a different person

Zion Canyon

View of Zion Canyon from Scout's Lookout at sunrise


Finding Grace

"I do not at all understand the mystery of grace - only that it meets us where we are but does not leave us where it found us." Anne Lamott



Just an amazing trip with some excellent photographers. The only girl in a group of 7 hikers/photographers How could THAT not be fun :-) with Kerrick James

The Love Of Wilderness

“The love of wilderness is more than a hunger for what is always beyong reach; it is also an expression of loyalty to the earth, the earth which bore us and sustains us, the only paradise we shall ever know, the only paradise we ever need, if only we had the eyes to see.” ― Edward Abbey Photography by Valerie Millett

In The Mist of Mooney

Shooting at the base of Mooney Falls with Pentax Pro shooter Kerrick James (pictured) and friends (in Kayak). This is one of my favorite shots of the trip. I love the color of the canyon walls reflecting off of Kerrick. Catching the light through the mist of the implied but not seen falls. I had broken two toes on the hike in and couldn't really hike and shoot Mooney like I wanted so I'll be going back this Fall...

Quaint Glow In Colorado

Photographing in Colorado with Australian photographer Pete Dobre we drove from Aspen back into Ridgway in the late afternoon. I'd never been to Colorado before and was enamored with a sense of quaintness about the scenes and little surrounding towns. As we were driving in, this amazing sunset unfolded and we pulled over like photographers possessed and shot from the side of the road to catch this fleeting scene. I'd never realized till later that for me, this particular shot captured the "feeling" of quaint that I was trying so hard to define.

Western Romance

Like a scene from a beautiful romantic Western movie. I live to roam and capture the spirit of the Southwest

The Wild West

The American West portrayed in the vivid colours of romantic complexity.

The Badlands

The Painted Desert badlands of SE Utah. View from the Moki Dugway.

Havasu Falls

Early morning shot of Havasu Falls and believe it or not. Not a person around. Paradise for sure..in Havasupai with Pro Pentax photographer Kerrick James and friends.

Mooney Falla, Havasupai

Kayaking at the base of Mooney Falls in Havasupai with Pro Pentex photographer Kerrick James and his kayak

Havasu Falls

Paradise for sure..in Havasupai with Pro Pentax photographer Kerrick James

Mitten Shadow

Monumental Sky

Spring storm moves over Monument Valley, UT Creating some dramatic sky and amazing light

The Painted Desert

Just North East of Winslow, Arizona in Navajo County.

Desert in White

I've hiked and camped here for years and have never seen this. I just happen to be here...at the right time.

Red Rock Winter

Amazing Winter this year in Arizona and I had the pleasure to be at the spectacular places and the right time

Winter Wonderland In Bryce Canyon

5 days of exploring a Southwest Winter. My timing was perfect in Bryce Canyon with great light and fresh snow. Had also visited Zion and the back roads of Southern Utah

Sleepy Winter

..on a Utah farm. I've come to love these rural scenes and they are amongst my favorite to photograph because for me they carry such emotion and depth.

Winter Soldiers

An Awesome snowy Bryce Canyon this Winter

Winter Wonderland

A snowy Southern Utah Farm

Hiking Canyon Overlook in Zion

Zion in snow

Cathedral Rock

Classic Sedona beauty

Colorado Fall Color

Awesome moody sky as a colorful aspen filled foreground pops with color

Colorado Color

Chasing the fall colors this year in Ridgway, Colorado. I fell in love with the ranches and farms

Desert Snow

Snowy Homestead

First Snow

First snow of the season in Sedona's Oak Creek Canyon


Navajo Bridge at Sunset

Shot was taken at 7PM with Derek Von Briesen I didn't own a ND filter and could tell my sunset sky was going to "clip" so I got my focus and comp., then completely underexposed the shot. My RAW image was black. Processed in LR when I moved the exposure slider...this beautiful scene emerged ! At the end of this summer I could afford "1" ND grad. filter after I had learned to gracefully avoid these problems. Doing "without" made me a better Photographer in the long run

Horse Shoe Bend

Sunrise on a Summer morning in Page, Az with Derek von Briesen

Fall In Sedona

Red Rock Crossing with Derek von Briesen

Lake Powell

On the way to Utah, I saw this

Bridge in Zion

Spent Thanksgiving in Zion, hiking and Photographing

Bells Reflections

Aspen, Colorado with Austrailian Pro Pete Dobre after camping in the parking lot :-)

The Autumn Desert

Fall colors in Sedona with Derek von Briesen

Fall Color of The Sonoran Desert

Fall in Sedona with Derek von Briesen

A Season In Love

The amazing colors of Autumn remind me of a season...being in love. West Fork trail, Sedona, Az with Derek von Briesen

Fall Colored Sunrise

Catching the colors changing in Sedona's West Fork. I hiked in, in the dark to watch the sunrise at this point among the Fall colors

Brilliant Aspen

Amazing display of color in Aspen, co

Rolling color, feeling thunder

This is my story. This is my life. I live to see the world as honestly and beautifully as I can. And convey that to others. Just me, my SUV and the dog. Together, this is OUR story and we can and do "go anywhere"

Rolling color, sounds of thunder

Chasing the Fall color in Colorado

Autumn in the San Juan Mountains

Near To My Heart

I have my favorite places to photograph and hike and Sedona is one of them. I'm in love with the landscapes and I never get tired of photographing here. I've hiked West Fork for years and photographing it has become a passion. I love watching the seasons change and being a part of it.

Monument Valley

Shooting and camping at Hunts with Derek von Briesen and Jeff Maltzman.

Hunts Mesa

Camping, hiking and photography with Derek von Briesen and Jeff Maltzman

Fall in Horton Springs

One of my favorite hiking spots

Monsoon Season

I really love the monsoon season (aside from the heat) I've been nailed so many times by the sudden downpours and love it every time :-)

Natures Patterns

Out at the Grand Canyon for a few days with Derek von Briesen

Monsoon Evening

Just before nightfall and right before the Monsoon's let loose of me at Watson Lake in Prescott

Cascades Among The Green

Photography and exploring are my passion and loving it honestly means devoting my heart and soul to it. Many of my readers and followers are women, who for many reasons can not be on the trail or following the creek or sitting by my campfire at night. I try to think of them as I'm writing to bring my words to life, share an experience and convey in my photography how much in love with the landscape I am and how important it is for me to bring a little bit of it back for them to love it also. The ability to have the power to create your own life is a constant theme in my writing.